Grass Stitched Trousers

Grass Stitched Trousers


Grass Stitched Trousers

Model Dimensions:
Length: 1.67
Weight: 52
Chest: 90
Waist: 60
Hip: 85
Product Detail: 5% Elastane 95% Polyester Length: 95Cm

Fabric Types:
Acrylic: It keeps warm and does not sweat with its soft and cottony structure. It is easy to wash and does not deform in intensive washes.
Wool: It is flexible and does not dissipate heat in the body. It keeps it quite warm.
Cotton: It passes the air very well, at the same time it absorbs moisture or water very well. It is always comfortable and soft.
Lycra / Elastane: Thanks to its flexible structure, it takes shape according to the body and provides comfortable movement.
Polyester: It is lightweight, dries quickly, wrinkle-resistant and long-lasting.
Viscose: Makes colors look brighter and more vivid. It is comfortable to wear, does not cause any discomfort, is slippery and compatible with the skin.
Linen: It is very durable, absorbs moisture and dries quickly. It can be washed to a very high degree.
Knitwear: They fit the body very well and wrap the skin with its softness. It is flexible, does not wrinkle easily and is a fabric with high heat retention.
Mira: It is a knitted fabric, it has a flexible structure that can wear both winter and summer 4 seasons.


Packaging: 6 pieces ( M - M - L - L - XL -XL )

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